Emelita Elementary School boasts a host of learning opportunities to enrich your child’s educational experience beyond the basics.  We believe that it is important to expose children to a wide range of activities in order to introduce them to new experiences and unlock hidden talents.  These programs include music, theatre arts, Hawaiian Dance, ballroom dancing (through the organization Best Foot Forward), visual arts, and two state-of-the-art computer labs.  We also have an afterschool enrichment program sponsored by Soaring Eagles.  For a small fee, your child can take classes after school such as robotics, foods, Lego Mania, and Slime.


Emelita provides its diverse learning community with opportunities to be empowered to build self-confidence, academic achievement, social emotional development, and the joy for learning. Students will be able to master the California Common Core State Standards through an integrated STEAM approach. Students will experience and utilize process and inquiry across the curriculums of science, technology, engineering, art and math and master problem solving skills to create a path of life-long learning for a global society.

Through collaboration, our school community promotes students’ individual differences by nurturing self-confidence and through respect for others while producing engaging, innovative 21st century learners.


At Emelita our vision is to provide our students with an academically challenging program by utilizing an integrated STEAM approach. Students will achieve their greatest potential through creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, and collaboration to succeed in an ever changing digital information world.