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OUR FAMILY LOVES EMELITA!!!!  Words could not express how blessed we feel that our boys attend this school.  We moved to the area last year and the transition was difficult.  From day one the staff was very welcoming to our family and exceeded any and all possible expectations.  Their support and care made all the difference to us and my sons love coming to school.  Principal Elizabeth Mayorga is a warm leader, dedicated to building a strong and inclusive school community.  On Fridays, we meet for assembly, say the Pledge, and celebrate student accomplishments.  The teachers are devoted and infuse discipline with light-hearted humor and goodwill.  The coaches are absolutely incredible with the kids, and the admin staff manages to remain kind and pleasant despite their very demanding and busy schedule.  This is truly a special place with very special people who dedicate themselves with genuine care, compassion, and understanding to the children that are a part of this school.  


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