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Theater  West

Theatre West's education programs seek to serve the community by presenting quality theater for younger audiences and using theater skills to present positive and stimulating educational programs that meet California Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA) standards.

For many years, Theatre West has run a comprehensive set of children's theater and education programs. Storybook Theatre has won numerous awards and recognition by the City, County, State, and US Senate and House of Representatives. Today, Theatre West's educational programs include our Storybook Theatre for the youngest audiences, our Elementary School program, our Middle School Playwrights program, and the High School Theatre programs.

Theatre West reaches out to mostly underserved communities. The education program has been beneficial in helping to empower children and build their self-esteem. And although we are a theater, the program, and the focus are not about acting. Through theater games, children learn the importance of teamwork and working together. Their involvement in the arts helps build confidence, improve classroom skills, and introduce them to a world and perspective they might not have otherwise been exposed to.

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